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You Don’t Always Have To Be The Strong One


Charlies Child loss Charity (CCC) is not just a charity but a community of strong males overcoming a battle of grievance of a child/children and pulling together to support one another and others around the world.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (+44) 07377131299 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Supporting Fathers Since 2014

Charity Fund

All donations help fund for the meetings each month and to help provide memory packs to local hospitals for families that have the tragedy of losing a child/children.

What We Do

Charlies Child Loss Charity aim to ensure that every person dealing with child loss get the correct support. We all grieve differently and sometimes support is very structured and we want to make sure that each individual gets the support the way they need. Offering men’s only group sessions and face to face meetings, online support or phone calls for people that feel ready to attend group sessions.

This charity is run by people who have experienced child loss and want to do everything we can to change the way we receive help.

The way we help others isn’t just based around meetings and lending an ear but money donated/raised also goes towards funding for memory boxes at hospitals.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure males get the support they need at the time they need it most. We want to change the way support is structured towards fathers as majority is focused solely towards mothers. Fathers don’t want to add any more pressure so choose to stay quiet which actually does more damage than good.

We aim to change the outcome of this and make fathers realise ‘You don’t always have to be the strong one’ and that it is ok to open up and speak to people about it and more often than not it’s easy to speak to a complete stranger than a loved one.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

We always welcome new sponsors as every bit of support is highly appreciated. Support is hard to come by and we appreciate any help way possible it doesn’t always revolve money raised. We have many sponsors already that haven’t always had the money to donate but have helped us in many other ways.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We welcome anybody that would love to get involved and contribute to the charity any way they can. Whether you can offer space for meetings, volunteer for one to ones and group sessions or other ideas you may of thought of that we can help put in to action.

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